April, 13 2016

Start, Evolve, Build, and Finally, Giving a Face to Data

TiWi Digital in its early days was all about providing weather content to media web sites – the business model was subscription. We did this for a while, then we built a free-for-use mobile app. We did that for a while, then we pivoted again to what would become our most significant move to date – building a SaaS advertising technology platform called TriggerEX. This is a story about recognizing an opportunity to pursue an emerging category (Data) and not ignoring the obvious. The opportunity is the advertisers demand for improved productivity of their advertisements. And the obvious, not to be ignored, is the soon-to-be crowded weather content space, and in parallel, the ubiquitous access to it.

If we were all about delivering only weather content, we would not have heard the call from the advertiser to make the connection between advertising and weather. It is a strong connection; stronger than you might think. Advertisers began to ask, “Can we deliver an ad based on the weather? And can we change the ad message based on changes in the weather?” It did not take us long to give an answer to that question – yes!

So now we have an entirely new vertical to explore, a scenario where the advertiser is the client rather than the publisher. Having said “yes” to the big question, it would now be up to us to connect the dots. In other words, connect specific ad messages with specific weather conditions, and do it in a way that is meaningful and marketable, seamless and scalable. This, by the way, would ultimately lead to an increase in relevance of content and effectiveness of delivery. The process for connecting advertisements to weather conditions was exceptionally manual in the beginning, so manual that we would need our programmers to be heavily involved in every campaign and be given plenty of lead time. An automated solution was critical. Thus, TriggerEX was born. It was built out of the need to automate a laborious process − connecting a specific ad message to a specific data point within a data feed. We accomplished what we set out to do. We have developed an ad-delivery platform that can analyze countless data points in real-time and deliver a relevant digital and mobile advertisement based on those data. A scalable, automated solution that simplifies the setup process. We are now running millions of ads through the TriggerEX platform; ads that are triggered on nearly any data point that can be found in a feed ranging from sports to finances to social media and even to current news! We have moved well beyond weather.

Giving a face to Data:
One final note, and possibly the most important point of all: what this platform really turns out to be is a tool for analyzing millions of data points and reacting to them in a way that we can easily recognize –visually. In a time where data have become increasingly accessible and in great volume, having it displayed in an easy to understand graphic is a compelling change that ultimately makes that information useful. That is exactly what the TriggerEX platform does and the problem it solves.

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